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Just Order Online (JOO)

Just Order Online (JOO) is an Online Order Framework developed by United Application Developers Ltd. It consists of a beautiful Online Order website to take orders from customers and a free Android app to alert the Restaurant staff about orders. Now anyone can build their own JOOsites and start selling online straight away using our JOO Builder.Businesses with short turnaround time such as takeaways, fast food centres can benefit from this bespoke product.

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Automated Restaurant Websites

Just Online Order websites (JOO Sites) are Mobile phone friendly content management system . We offer JOO Sites as a product, however the architecture is completely scalable and can be optimized on an agreed cost. Now you can build your own JOOsites using our JOO Builder. Basic Features * Content Management System *Mobile Responsive *Payment Gateway Integrated *Voucher Facility Integrated

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Order Receiving Android App

We have created the JOO app to receive orders from the website. This can be installed with your POS or Android devices easily. This establishes the efficeient two way communication with the server and the app to provide feedbacks on the orders from the JOO Site. It alerts the business with a ‘ring tone’ whenever there is an order, and allows you to display delivery time to the website user.
For more details and an Onsite Demo, please call us on
020 8581 1375 or 0744 615 2123
India Contact : +91 94 972 666 77

People Behind JOO

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Amal Vijay

Director, CEO

Sharon Gruber
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Chief Developer and Main Hacker

Harry Watson
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Business Intelligence Expert

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Wassim Paracha

ACCA, Finance Manager

  • Finding a developer and building an Ecommerce site with app would have cost me a fortune. JOO saved me a lot and above all, it was fast

  • I get an average of 30-40 orders every week. This was the best thing I have done for my business

  • Building own website that brings money every day myself, That was fantastic

Pricing Plans

Special Installment Options and Reselling Options are available.
Please call us on 020 8581 1375 or 0744 615 2123 for more details.
India : +91 94 972 666 77




  • Build your own JOOsite with free JOOapp. Build it, Test it, Use it for a month free.
    No Credit Card required


How can I point my domain name to Joosite?

You may visit your domain control panel and do a URL masked forwarding.

Can I take card payments in my website?

Yes. Paypal integration is so easy using JOO. Just type in your Paypal id, JOO will take care of the rest.

How big is your client base?

We have many restaurants and takeaways using our solution in London and its surroundings. Full list of customers will be available soon.

Can we use the same username and password after trial period?

Yes, After Renewal of Account you can use all the features as per your subscription plan.


As things have gone as planned, next thing on agenda is Scale UP. Private equity investments are welcome. Please fill up the form and send us.

Why should invest in JOO?

  • Disruptive product
  • Huge growth rate
  • Satisfied customers in the UK
  • Excellent Market fit
  • Ever increasing demand
  • One of its kind solution
  • Complete solution-From building online shop to taking orders
  • Globally Scalable -(World wide demand, Internet service, hence Global operation from London)
  • Lucrative Exit Plans, Ask us how?
  • Product that help Corporate company services reach high street businesses
  • Any high street business with Short Turnaround time can use JOO